What is Possible, What is Reasonable, What is Best? SMACCGold

A thought provoking discussion on the prickly topic end of life care in critical care.  How do we talk about advance care planning? How do we help people prepare for their death and make decisions about interventions when someone is palliative or even when people are really well?

A Meeting of the Tribes: Interprofessional Issues in Critical Care – DASSMACC Berlin 2017

“Meeting of the Tribes” brings together clinicians from a broad range of health professions–including medicine, nursing, social work, and physiotherapy–to explore interprofessional issues in critical care. In addition to their clinical work, panelists have unique perspectives on education, simulation, and resilience in healthcare. In discussing issues related to tribalism and their implications for interprofessional practice, we will explore what it will take to overcome a tribal mentality in the service of improved patient care. In this session, we will strive to: (a) present a snapshot of the status quo, (b) explore key issues and their implications for clinical practice, and (c) envision of future of enhanced interprofessional collaborative practice.

CRITICAL ILLNESS …..Heroes, Victims, Victors, Survivors? DASSMACC Berlin 2017

A powerful panel looking at decision making following head injuries and critical illness from the health professional and scientific viewpoints as well the amazing voice of two consumers who have lived through difficult tragedy and share their thoughts.  This panel explores how health professionals can be conflicted around decision making.  This panel’s strength lies in the consumer voice as they talk about their vulnerability and fears and what was helpful and comforting in the worst days of their lives.

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