Debriefing in Critical Care

St Emlyn’s Virtual Hospital Podcast – 23/02/2018


In this episode, the fabulous Liz Crowe (@LizCrowe2) discusses how to approach debriefing after critical (and non critical) incidents in healthcare. We focus on the debriefing that takes place 5-7 days after an incident. For more on a “hot” debrief listen to this podcast by Ashley Liebig and Rob Orman

Burnout in Critical Care

St Emlyn’s Virtual Hospital Podcast – 04/07/2017


Iain (@docib) and Liz (@LizCrowe2) discuss one of the hottest topics in medicine – Burnout. What is it, who gets it and what can we do about it? Liz brings her huge knowledge and experience to a topic that is often discussed, but not always understood. Essential listening.

All the King’s Horses …. Difficult Conversations with Children in Critical Care

St Emlyn’s Virtual Hospital Podcast – 12/10/2016


The fabulous Liz Crowe (@LizCrowe2) returns to the St Emlyn’s podcast to chat with Iain about how we can communicate more effectively with children in critical care. This podcast explores topics that are important not just for clinicians, but anyone who works with or has children. 

Strengthening Your Communication Skills

St Emlyn’s Virtual Hospital Podcast – 17/08/2016


Liz and Iain review the communication workshop at SMACC Dublin. This is relevant to everyone who works in clinical care. 

Communicating Terrible News: Can We Do It Better?

St Emlyn’s Virtual Hospital Podcast – 05/09/2015


Liz Crowe joins Iain Beardsell to discuss really difficult conversations in the ED. How do we communicate terrible news in the ED and critical care.

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