smaccGOLD, 19th to the 21st of March, 2014, Gold Coast, Australia

Invited Panel Speaker:  ‘What is Possible, What is Reasonable, What is Best? – End of Life Care’


“Liz Crowe one of the most valuable contributors on the panel”

“Liz Crowe keeping it real on end of life care panel”

“You are rocking it!  Great to hear the social work perspective on the panel. Liz Crowe is GOLD!”

smaccGOLD,  19th to the 21st of March, 2014, Gold Coast, Australia

Invited Speaker: Concurrent Session Communication and Crises

‘Curse and Laugh Your Way Through Surviving Critical Care – using humour and swearing as tools of resilience’


“Outstanding and utterly hilarious talk by Liz Crowe, on humour and swearing in critical care.  Best talk at smaccGOLD so far!!”

“Liz Crowe had us in hysterical laughter – teaching us to balance patient respect with our own survival.  Humour is our best metaphorical armour”

“Liz Crowe, amazing talent combined with a lot of thought and preparation”


5th International Conference on Advance Care Planning and End of Life Care,  9- 11th May, 2013 Melbourne.

Three papers accepted for concurrent sessions:

  1. I am so angry and frightened to be at this stage of my life” observations of grief  and loss in community Advance Care Planning group education.
  2. Knowledge and Attitudes about Advance Care Planning amongst an older adult population living in South East Queensland.
  3. Is it  appropriate to initiate palliative care in a paediatric intensive care unit (PICU)?


National Allied Health Conference, October 2013, Brisbane,  Australia

Accepted Papers Concurrent Session:

The Role of  Allied Health in Advance Care Planning – Our Time to Shine!


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